Freeview TV Aerial Installation

The key to getting the best TV service in your area is to get a professional Freeview TV installation.

The strength of TV signal varies, not just by area, but also depends on your home and the surrounding countryside.

If your aerial isn’t installed correctly you will suffer from a reduced service including a pixalated picture and a reduced range of channels.

These issues are quite common as your aerail needs to be precisely aimed for maximum performance. Just a small deviation from the best possible alignment will reduce the quality of service you receive.

Digital TV signal strength meter

Only a professional installer can take the signal strength meter readings needed to position your aerial correctly.

Unlike old analog aerials which could be easily positioned manually to improve a tv picture, digital signals don’t work in the same way.

The aerial needs to be positioned first and then the receiver unit needs to scan the signal for all the channels it can find.

Your receiver will only pick up the channels that have a sufficiently strong signal. If your Freeview aerial is just slightly out of alignment, the range of channels will be reduced and some may suffer from pixelation.

Business Networking Works

Why Business Networking Works

1. People Buy From People
Relationships are important in business. Trust, integrity & confidence make business relationships work and networking helps you to create & build those relationships with trusted suppliers or products and services.

2. Mutual Benefit
Different networking groups work in different ways. Some more structured than others. While some are quite strict, have very specific processes and methods that members are required to adopt, others use next to no systems at all.

The impact on your business can be profound. The dichotomy between rules and regulations and earnings potential in no coincidence. Many people find some groups rules too onerous & oppressive, while the opposite can actually result in very little business being passed between members.

3. The Law Of Reciprocation
It is a little known fact that when you help someone, you do far more than just helping them. In the process, you create in the person you help a subconscious desire to repay your favour.

Very often, you will not only be repaid, but the returned favour will exceed the value of your original favour.

The subconscious desire to repay obligations is a proven process & while it of course doesn’t occur in all instances, it does the majority of the time.

4. Like Minded Business People
Associating with fellow business owners who all have the same or similar goals is a great motivator for SME’s. Often, small business owners live solitary existences, so taking time on a regular basis to mix with proactive business people offers huge rewards.

5. Introductions
We just don’t know everyone that our friends know, let alone everyone that our customers know, or their customers.

Networking gives you access to your contacts contacts. Do you want an introduction to someone, or a potential new client?

Ask for an introduction in a networking group and you will be surprised who within the group knows the business you want to do business with.

If you are a trusted business, well regarded within the networking group, they will be happy to introduce you.

Ready to give networking a try? Visit The ROOM in Bedford and see for yourself how consistent business networking will help your business to grom

House Building Shortage

House Building Shortage, Or Not

House prices today are considered astronomical, and the accompanying shortage a national crisis. Government has called for the construction of one million new homes by 2020, and the responding building figures from the industry show nothing like that figure is being built at all.

After the Second World War, house building was running at around 300,000 units per year, and even given the current population of the country, house builders are unable to provide half that number.

Burgeoning immigration, living longer lives, the increase in single occupancy and shortening supply of Continue reading “House Building Shortage”

Driving Offence Penalties

Driving Penalties On Our Roads

The use of a mobile phone when driving has been seen as a distraction that should be discouraged, and drivers seen with a hand-held phone whilst behind the wheel, having been given the statuary three penalty points and a fine of one hundred pounds.

As an offence, it ranked alongside ignoring signs, or average speeding convictions. Probably as the mobile has morphed into the smart phone, so the distractions have grown in potential.

Social media, emails, mapping, music hubs, and much more, the smart phone has the potential to keep driver concentration in the wrong place for far too long, and in the wake of a spate of Continue reading “Driving Offence Penalties”

Characteristics Of Quality Backlinks

What Are Good Backlinks?

Backlinks have attracted a lot of column inches over the past few years, with a variety of opinion varying from announcements of their demise all the way through to the growing power, might and significance of SEO backlinks.

The reality is that search engines are still powered by backlinks, regardless of what you may have read to the contrary.

Unlike in the past however, when Googles early algorithms based a Continue reading “Characteristics Of Quality Backlinks”