Freeview TV Aerial Installation

The key to getting the best TV service in your area is to get a professional Freeview TV installation.

The strength of TV signal varies, not just by area, but also depends on your home and the surrounding countryside.

If your aerial isn’t installed correctly you will suffer from a reduced service including a pixalated picture and a reduced range of channels.

These issues are quite common as your aerail needs to be precisely aimed for maximum performance. Just a small deviation from the best possible alignment will reduce the quality of service you receive.

Digital TV signal strength meter

Only a professional installer can take the signal strength meter readings needed to position your aerial correctly.

Unlike old analog aerials which could be easily positioned manually to improve a tv picture, digital signals don’t work in the same way.

The aerial needs to be positioned first and then the receiver unit needs to scan the signal for all the channels it can find.

Your receiver will only pick up the channels that have a sufficiently strong signal. If your Freeview aerial is just slightly out of alignment, the range of channels will be reduced and some may suffer from pixelation.