Business Networking Works

Why Business Networking Works

1. People Buy From People
Relationships are important in business. Trust, integrity & confidence make business relationships work and networking helps you to create & build those relationships with trusted suppliers or products and services.

2. Mutual Benefit
Different networking groups work in different ways. Some more structured than others. While some are quite strict, have very specific processes and methods that members are required to adopt, others use next to no systems at all.

The impact on your business can be profound. The dichotomy between rules and regulations and earnings potential in no coincidence. Many people find some groups rules too onerous & oppressive, while the opposite can actually result in very little business being passed between members.

3. The Law Of Reciprocation
It is a little known fact that when you help someone, you do far more than just helping them. In the process, you create in the person you help a subconscious desire to repay your favour.

Very often, you will not only be repaid, but the returned favour will exceed the value of your original favour.

The subconscious desire to repay obligations is a proven process & while it of course doesn’t occur in all instances, it does the majority of the time.

4. Like Minded Business People
Associating with fellow business owners who all have the same or similar goals is a great motivator for SME’s. Often, small business owners live solitary existences, so taking time on a regular basis to mix with proactive business people offers huge rewards.

5. Introductions
We just don’t know everyone that our friends know, let alone everyone that our customers know, or their customers.

Networking gives you access to your contacts contacts. Do you want an introduction to someone, or a potential new client?

Ask for an introduction in a networking group and you will be surprised who within the group knows the business you want to do business with.

If you are a trusted business, well regarded within the networking group, they will be happy to introduce you.

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