Characteristics Of Quality Backlinks

What Are Good Backlinks?

Backlinks have attracted a lot of column inches over the past few years, with a variety of opinion varying from announcements of their demise all the way through to the growing power, might and significance of SEO backlinks.

The reality is that search engines are still powered by backlinks, regardless of what you may have read to the contrary.

Unlike in the past however, when Googles early algorithms based a large portion of the ranking process on backlink volumes over and above all else, the latest, refined and elegant algo’s use a combination of page content relevant, site performance (speed, design, compatability, etc) as well as trust, authority and relevance metrics passed via backlinks.

A backlink is a link from another site to a page of your site, and each one can have a negative or a positive effect on your rankings depending on where it comes from, how it is built etc. When combined with responsive web design from CRWD, well built backlinks will support top rankings for the most competitive search terms.

To be classed as a quality link that will help you climb up the search rankings, each link needs to have the following characteristics; be on a unique IP, (used to identify link networks which are a bad thing in search), be on relevant content (not just the content topic, but the page category too), have relevant page category (each page is given a category which is given via the category of the dominant links which point to it).

Link category is a hugely important issue for your SERPs listings. Each link that you build to help promote your site needs itself to have links that point to it from relevant category pages, your ‘orphan’ pages will carry no weight.

If you have a WordPress website, you should focus on Deeho how to optimise WordPress turorials which will guide you from start to finish through the process.

It is quite common for a page all about ‘Fishing’ to pass a totally different category such as “Society/ Mental Health” or “Business/ Real Estate” instead, which then has much less, if any SEO benefit at all. For more about backlink categories and how to make yours work for your business, see SEO¬≥ Web Design for full explanation and details.

The key to attracting large volumes of organic traffic is to seek out category specific links from within relevant content. If you focus your attention on building quality links with these metrics then you will climb online and increase your web traffic.